HBOT & Focus


Hyperbaric & FOCUS

Good concentration allows us to do great things! It gives us the ability to carry out our daily tasks and to easily learn new information. 

Over the years, children and adults are sharing more and more the benefits of their experience with HBOT/ mild hyperbaric pressure: 

  • Reduction of “brain fog” (confused sensations);
  • The impression of greater memory;
  • Feeling more awake and aware of what’s going on;
  • Ability to understand the instructions quicker;
  • Improved focus/ deeper concentration;
  • Improved eye contact.

Hyperbaric & Science/Physical Law (gas law) HENRY’S LAW DEFINITION: 


Definition: At constant temperature, the quantity of a given gas which dissolves in a given type and volume of liquid, is directly proportional to the partial pressure of this gas in equilibrium with this liquid. Basically, the definition of Henry’s Law explains that pressure is necessary for a gas (oxygen / ambient air) to dissolve effectively in a liquid (blood plasma / our blood). It also says gas will go from a higher density (lungs) to a lower density (tissues) to achieve equilibrium. Mild hyperbaric environment will allow larger amounts of oxygen to penetrate deeper into the body’s tissues. 

HBOT is based on the laws of physics… 



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