Home Rental

Why choose us ?

HOME rental program

Flexible and accessible monthly rentals available. If you fall in love with your chamber, we will apply your first months rental fees to your purchase!





For the last 15 years, quality, security and durability have been our #1 priority. Oxynova is manufactured with the highest engineering standards and offers a clean environment without chemicals or off-gaz emissions.


Delivered to the comfort of your home, our efficient installation assistance is ready to help you either in person or remotely.

Let us know what is best for you!




RENT or Rent-to-OWN : Why choose Oxynova?

Our rental program is designed to provide simple and easy access to high quality, flexible, mild hyperbaric chambers. We can ship anywhere in California. Call us for more info!

Monthly rental period

First month rental fee 100% applicable on future purchase.

Orthopedic mattress

Oil free high performance 150 liters/min air compressor

Inside and outside stainless steel pressure gauge

The equipment can be returned or purchased at anytime during the rental period

Stainless steel internal structure