Athletes and active individuals in Hermosa Beach who participate in sports put a lot of strain on their bodies. Practices and training sessions, conditioning and games or competitions take their toll, leading coaches to advise their athletes to invest time into recovery between strenuous workouts. However, what sets the best athletic performances above the rest, is the time that elite athletes spend on proactive recovery therapies, such as MHBOT (Mild-pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). MHBOT is an effective treatment for athletic people to boost performance due to its ability to aid in: recovery and healing, increasing mental focus, and boosting performance.

Active Recovery & Healing

MHBOT has been proven to reduce oxidative stress on the body. It accelerates healing and recovery times so much that it’s comparable to hitting fast-forward on your recovery time and overall conditioning process. Sessions at our Hermosa Beach location are often reputed for decreasing fatigue and boosting energy. Additional benefits of MHBOT for Hermosa Beach athletes include: increased stem cell activation, and reduced muscle fatigue for athletes. These benefits are due to the high levels of oxygen permeating tissues during MHBOT sessions.

Increasing Mental Focus

Part of being a top tier athlete is mental focus. Concentration and focus are critical to optimizing performance. MHBOT has been proven to increase brain function, making sessions in Hermosa Beach an obvious choice for athletes looking to up their game. “HBOT has been shown to improve cerebral blood flow, brain metabolism, and brain microstructure, leading to improved cognitive functions, physical functions, sleep, and gait”. (The National Library of Medicine) Clearing brain fog is a commonly mentioned result of MHBOT sessions, appreciated by many Hermosa Beach sports lovers.

Boosting Performance

Increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream has been shown to improve stamina, which gives athletes who partake in Hermosa Beach MHBOT sessions an edge on their competition. For this reason, many athletes have been turning to oxygen therapy for improved circulation and blood oxygenation. How is this possible? MHBOT allows the body to heal faster, reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation, and reduces oxidative stress. Imagine if you’re a competitive weight lifter who has to fit in two days off between every training session, to allow your muscles to recuperate. Now incorporate MHBOT between training days, cutting your required recovery time in half. That adds up to several training days per month added to your schedule, all while feeding muscle tissue with more oxygenated blood flow. You can see how over the long-term, making MHBOT sessions a regular part of your weekly routine will boost performance significantly.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend surfer, avid runner, ironman competitor, crossfit enthusiast, or anything in the active sporting arena, MHBOT sessions may be for you. Give yourself the competitive advantage and health benefits that hyperbaric oxygen therapy offer. Your body and your performance deserve the best, and OXY PERFORMANCE is here to cheer you on. Book your session online now or call us today at (310) 942-2202.