Southern California and its beach cities (Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach) have long been recognized as extensions of the beauty and health mecca that is Los Angeles. OXY PERFORMANCE Hermosa Beach clients are every bit as health minded and beauty-conscious as L.A. locals. We’ve observed an uptick in beauty driven clients booking routine sessions as part of their ongoing anti-aging, and skincare efforts, and it’s not surprising. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy has been proven to clear skin and skin repair, detoxification, anti-aging and more. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but, MHBOT and HBOT really are a one stop shop for all that ails you! If you’ve been looking to give yourself a little boost in confidence by looking your best this Spring, you’ll want to consider trying one of our hyperbaric oxygen chambers, or purchasing a package to reserve your sessions. Here’s a look at why.

Can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Hermosa Beach Help Me Fight the Signs of Aging?

In a word? Yes. MHBOT stimulates collagen production in the skin, improving the skin’s elasticity. The increased percent of oxygen during an MHBOT session will also assist at the cellular level, helping to repair damaged skin.

How Can Oxygen Therapy Sessions Help My Skin Look Younger?

MHBOT and HBOT are proven to have myriad positive effects on the skin. Not only does quenching your skin’s thirst for oxygen get your cells in shape deep below the skin’s surface, but the boost that MHBOT provides to circulation has been shown to improve a range of skin conditions from eczema and rosacea, to psoriasis, cellulite and acne! We highly recommend having your high school or student-aged children join you when you visit our Hermosa Beach location. You can get your dose of anti-aging therapy, and the kids can clear up their skin, fight UV damage, and boost their mental focus to sharpen their grades!

What Other Beauty Benefits Does HBOT and MHBOT Offer?

We believe that one of the strongest benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers at OXY PERFORMANCE is the ability to effectively eliminate toxins at a faster than normal rate. According to the Holistique Naturopathic Medical Center, “Bio-oxidative therapies (BOT) use oxygen to improve cellular detoxification and health. By increasing oxygen to the cells, cells begin to oxidize toxins and eliminate them, regenerate cells, and rejuvenate tissues”. Freeing the body of toxins such as pollutants, free radicals, stress hormones, chemicals from fried foods and pharmaceuticals, is like changing the oil in your car. When you do it regularly, your engine will run better. The same is true for our bodies. Simply put, any efforts you invest into detoxifying your body will provide a substantial ROI, both internally and externally. We’re talking glowing skin, clear pores, more energy, less fatigue, lower incidence of illness, improved sleep quality and digestion, and so much more. Free radicals are known to cause oxidative stress and cellular damage, manifesting as wrinkles, loss of tone and skin firmness, as well as other signs of aging. When we keep our systems clear of free radicals and other toxins, our skin will thank us by maintaining its tone and firmness, no matter our age.