Working from home sounds like the epitome of work-life balance. No commute and pajama bottom Zoom calls? Count us in! But if you currently WFH, you know that balance isn’t always easy to achieve. Many remote workers have difficulty separating their personal life from their home life. So much so that *45% of people who shifted to remote work because of the pandemic say they are working more hours now than they were before. So how can you inch closer to balance when working from home? Is it possible? The answer is YES! And our favorite way is with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a wellness treatment that helps working professionals maintain good health by increasing oxygen levels in the body. Hyperbaric chamber users can experience sustained energy, increased longevity, and even recovery from injury, sickness, and surgery. In this article, we’ll discuss how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can benefit those who work from home and which chamber is best fit for your lifestyle and desired results.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  1. Boost Your Energy: The science behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy shows that the increased pressure within hyperbaric chambers promotes better blood circulation to your brain and vital organs. What could that mean for you? More energy, better elimination of toxins, and increased neuroplasticity. (Read: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the perfect way to fight the after-lunch energy slump!)
  2. Increase Your Focus: Hyperbaric chamber users report a reduction in brain fog, increased feelings of awakeness, the ability to understand instructions quicker, and overall improvement in focus.
  3. Improve Your Sleep Quality: Low oxygen leads to less energy and light sleep. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy works to change this by allowing the body to absorb more oxygen into the body’s tissues.

Choose the Right Session Type for You

  • Visit a Location: The Oxy Performance Hermosa Beach location offers both single sessions and monthly memberships for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Whether you’re trying our chambers for the first time, or are ready to upgrade to a membership, Oxy Performance offers every session and chamber type necessary to find your balance.
  • Rent a Chamber: Flexible and accessible monthly rentals are available to anyone living within the state of California. If you fall in love with your chamber, we will even apply portions of your first month’s rental fee to your purchase!
  • Purchase a Chamber: Hyperbaric chambers are available for purchase for those ready to go all-in on oxygenation! Choose from over 10 chamber types to find your perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for wheelchair accessibility or ease-of-transport, Oxy Performance’s portfolio of chambers caters to every need and preference.

If you’re a work from home professional looking to increase energy, focus, and overall work-life balance, look no further than hyperbaric oxygen therapy. With a variety of ways to book a session and price points for every budget, the potential pay-off is too good not to try! Book your first session at our Hermosa Beach location and experience the healing power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for yourself.