Planning on a pre-Summer refresh or upcoming cosmetic procedure? Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Can Have You Back to Normal Faster

Leading into the Summer season, many patients consider scheduling cosmetic surgery options such as Liposuction, Facelift, Brazilian Butt Lift or Hair Transplant procedures. After all, we all want to look our best. Often the most important factor in planning for cosmetic surgery is blocking out a large enough window in advance for post-op recovery time. Many of us don’t have weeks available for downtime. So minimizing the number of weeks or days needed to reduce swelling, manage pain, and resume our typical activities, is critical. Luckily, hyperbaric oxygen therapy accelerates the wound healing process. Along with other health benefits such as reduction in swelling, HBOT and MHBOT sessions can be a powerful tool in shortening your healing process and returning to your daily routine.

How can MHBOT sessions at OXY PERFORMANCE Hermosa shorten my post-surgery recovery time?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy expedites the body’s healing process, shortening important recuperation time. During your MHBOT sessions, the inhalation of 100% oxygen (that’s at least 10-15 times the normal supply) induces a faster wound healing process. This is due to the increased oxygen supply, which aids bodily processes on a cellular level. For individuals who have compromised immune systems, are elderly (when the body’s healing system is slowed), or experiencing a wound that just isn’t healing properly, MHBOT can also be helpful.

Another benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions at our Hermosa Beach location, is that the time spent inhaling a concentrated 02 supply enhances the body’s inflammatory response, further assisting with wound healing. This is extremely helpful if you are recovering at home after a facelift or eyelid surgery, etc., and are awaiting your swelling to go down, before you unveil your new and improved self! While we recommend a series of regular MHBOT sessions at our Hermosa Beach center, even a few sessions can give your healing process a kickstart, shortening the time between bandages and mimosas with friends.

The third benefit of hyperbaric oxygen therapy that can accelerate your healing process is its ability to minimize pain, swelling, and inflammation at the tissue level. MHBOT also has an overall antibacterial effect, which lessens would-be delays caused by infections while you heal. If you’ve had liposuction or a brazilian butt lift, then you know that a key step to recovery is reaching the point where you can move around comfortably. Staying active improves circulation, helping blood flow reach tissues that are healing. By reducing the length of time that you’re limited by pain or inflammation, MHBOT sessions can abbreviate your overall recovery time.

As with all cosmetic and other surgical procedures, you should consult with your Physician about after care plans. In most cases, surgeons are happy to hear that their patients are visiting OXY PERFORMANCE, as they are familiar with the ways that our Hermosa Beach oxygen therapy chambers improve the overall healing process and recovery experience. If you would like to check out our chambers or explore various package options, we welcome you to visit our South Bay center any time!