That window between Summer and Fall is lovely, but it can sometimes be challenging to transition our kiddos – and ourselves! – back into work gear, after a fun season of beach vacations, sunny days, and enjoying having the kids at home. Shopping for school supplies can bring some inspiration, sure. But if you want a scientifically proven tool to give you and your students a real edge in heightened mental focus, then you should consider trying oxygen therapy in our hyperbaric chambers. We offer both traditional and vertical hyperbaric chambers for purchase and for sessions at our Hermosa Beach location, allowing for convenient use and a quick in-and-out session, while not even interrupting your calls, zooms, or homework sessions. For those who are seeking some active rest, you can alternatively unplug, and spend quiet time in your chamber of choice, to get that energetic boost, mental clarity, health benefit and improved sleep quality, while also fitting in some time for deep relaxation.

The health benefits of oxygen therapy chambers have been well documented, but during this time of year, we’d like to discuss the improvements that oxygen therapy can provide for mental focus. Particularly for anyone still recovering from Covid “brain fog,” oxygen therapy can be a blessing and a secret weapon for getting you back in fighting form at the office!

Just as low baseline oxygen saturation can be related to an increased risk of cognitive impairment, so the regular use of supplemental oxygen therapy has been shown to decrease the risk for cognitive impairment. ( “The brain uses a tremendous amount of oxygen in order to function. When the amount of oxygen that is available to the brain is reduced, we know that a vulnerable memory structure, called the hippocampus, can become damaged. When the hippocampus is damaged, it can impact on a child’s ability to memorize things”. ( If you’re looking for your school-aged kids to excel this year or ace that upcoming quiz, then giving them a session in one of our hyperbaric chambers will be a healthy and helpful choice!

A number of adults fail to identify the causes of their own brain fog, weakened memory, or reduced mental focus as well. Very common factors, from lack of adequate sleep, poor nutrition, or stress, can wreak havoc on the body’s ability to perform at peak capacity, and these root causes might go unnoticed on the way to the office coffee machine for another perceived needed caffeine hit. For example, stress and anxiety can affect your breathing. “If you’re stressed and anxious, you end up taking more shallow breaths. Your sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system is chronically active, and this reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain”. ( Mindful activities like yoga, breathwork and meditation can teach us to improve some of these habits, but to improve your mental performance right away, an oxygen therapy session that will deliver an increased amount of oxygen deep into your brain and muscle tissues, will certainly be a strategic tool for you to resume your optimum performance level in a single session! Most of our clients eventually appreciate the notable health and energy benefits that they experience from regular use of oxygen therapy sessions in our hyperbaric chambers so much, that they decide to bring one home, so that they can use them with a higher frequency, and in the comfort of their own home.

If you are looking for an edge this Fall, to boost your or your students’ mental focus, we invite you to visit our Hermosa Beach location for an oxygen therapy session in one of our many premium hyperbaric chambers. When you experience the results: improved memory, better sleep, heightened focus – you’ll want to make oxygen therapy a regular part of your health routine!

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