Are you recovering from a recent surgery or are you planning your post-op recovery plan for an upcoming procedure?

If so, you should incorporate hyperbaric chamber sessions into your post-operative recovery program. Johns Hopkins medicine confirms that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a type of treatment that can speed up the healing of wounds that won’t heal, and infections in which tissues are starved for oxygen. Indeed, it helps wound healing by bringing oxygen-rich plasma to tissue starved for oxygen. Wound injuries damage the body’s blood vessels, which release fluid that leaks into the tissues and causes swelling. This swelling deprives the damaged cells of oxygen, and tissue starts to die. Oxygen Therapy reduces swelling while flooding the tissues with oxygen. The higher pressure in the chamber increases the amount of oxygen in the blood. Oxygen Therapy aims to break the cycle of swelling, oxygen starvation, and tissue death.

Oxygen therapy (HBOT and MHBOT) can help with:

  • Infection Healing: Oxygen therapy fights these infections by enhancing the white blood cells’ ability to fight bacteria, build new connective tissues, and improve organ function.
  • Incision Healing: Oxygen therapy offers a safe, natural, and efficient therapy for non-healing incision wounds. Since MHBOT addresses wound healing at a deep cellular level, it can be used to address wounds that are struggling to heal properly.
  • Skin Graft Healing: Oxygen therapy can significantly increase the likelihood of graft survival and enhance skin graft and flap outcomes.
  • Diabetic Wound Care: Inhaling the concentrated flow of oxygen provided through regular MHBOT treatments makes it possible to overcome oxygen deficiencies and stimulate a more effective healing process.
  • Radiation Burn Treatment: By adding more oxygen into the bloodstream, oxygen therapy helps overcome the vascular changes triggered by excessive radiation exposure. Pressurized oxygen dissolves directly into the body’s fluids and is delivered efficiently to all of the cells and tissues previously strangled and damaged by the effects of radiation.
  • Breast Cancer and Post-Mastectomy Wound Care: oxygen therapy helps improve the appearance of post-mastectomy incisions, reduces swelling and bruising (if treatment is conducted soon enough after surgery), reduces post-op pain, and improves your overall recovery from surgery and anesthesia. Undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy after a mastectomy but before breast reconstruction allows the radiated tissue to regrow blood vessels, return to a healthy state, and heal once operated on. Oxygen Therapy can help reduce inflammation to the tissue while saturating it in oxygen and supercharging its regrowth.
  • Skin Cancer Surgery Recovery: HBOT and MHBOT treatments can help accelerate wound healing with its restorative properties that boost your own body’s healing mechanisms.

The bottom line is this: undergoing a minor or major surgery puts loads of stress on your body and requires immense effort for it to heal properly on its own. Let us help you!

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